September 23, 2014

Study of smoking cancer patients fuels e-cigarette debate | Reuters

And here’s the rub. Without reading AND understanding the parameters of a study, the conclusions and certainly the opinions are far from impartial. Pro, con, neutral. You simply have to read the whole thing to be able to make an educated decision or have meaningful discourse.

The study being referred to is not available without a price:

It took a bit of digging to get to the actual source- no articles in a normal to moderate search had a direct link to the study or proper reference.


But Robert West, director of tobacco research at University College London, said the study was not able to assess whether or not for cancer patients who smoke using an e-cigarette to try and quit is beneficial “because the sample could consist of e-cigarette users who had already failed in a quit attempt, so all those who would have succeeded already would be ruled out”.

via Study of smoking cancer patients fuels e-cigarette debate | Reuters.

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