September 15, 2014

Promoters of FUD: ChangeLab Solutions

ChangeLab has been working tirelessly spoonfeeding misleading and counterfactual information to municipalities in order to get them to amend their existing anti-smoking ordinances to include vaping devices.

They supply the template for the city council members/staff to use. They show up at the public meetings and speak about the evils of vaping. This organization is using tax dollars to this.


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – $2,750,000
The California Endowment – $300,000
State of California – $850,000


Program: Tobacco Control (GuideStar Exchange, June 2014)




Public, Society Benefit

Population Served:

General Public/Unspecified

Program Description:

Program Long-Term Success:

Program Short-Term Success:

Program Success Monitored by:

Program Success Examples:

via GuideStar Exchange Reports for ChangeLab Solutions.

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