September 7, 2014

The Public Health Mask Slips | Dick Puddlecote

This is a post for the archives – one of those moments of stupidity, heaped on the reaches of Bullshit Mountain. If this man doesn’t get reassigned to a less public position, his superiors are ripe for the plucking.

Mr. Puddlecoat is a great writer and this is can’t miss material.

This is worth creating another catagory: WTF


Last week, the BBC rolled out their latest e-cig ‘expert’ to regurgitate the fantasies of Big Pharma and the irrational prejudices of rent-seekers – you can listen to his bizarre claims here and here. Said expert – the head of the Faculty of Public Health, no less – was naturally challenged with facts and proper evidence to counter his stark scaremongery such as that e-cigs cause blindness, amongst others.He wasn’t impressed on Wednesday.

via The Public Health Mask Slips | Dick Puddlecote.

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