September 2, 2014

ANTz Attack on the Peninsula – Bay Area

Note the recycling of pre-formatted ordinance language supplied by the ANTz  and the overreach into private property/lives.

>>Bay Area, are you f’king paying attention YET??!!<<


Burlingame Vice Mayor Terry Nagel said that the city plans to follow San Mateo County’s lead when it comes to implementing e-cigarette restrictions.

“We have used the approach of adopting county ordinances for banning Styrofoam and plastic bags and found it’s much easier than starting from scratch,” Nagel said.

San Mateo County Health System officials are “very actively putting together an ordinance” targeting e-cigarettes, county Supervisor Dave Pine noted.

“I anticipate that a proposal will be brought forward by our health department that would treat e-cigarettes just like regular cigarettes.”

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors this year approved an ordinance prohibiting e-cigarette smoking in areas where traditional cigarettes are already not allowed, such as in city buildings, restaurants and bars.

The other issue yet to be addressed in Burlingame is that of prohibiting smoking in private residences, specifically in multi-unit apartment buildings.

“Some residents have asked us for it,” Kane said. “It’s already prohibited in common areas, but some people have requested it be banned in private units” because of secondhand smoke concerns. Kane said Burlingame would follow in the county’s footsteps on the apartment smoking issue as well.

Some Peninsula cities, such as Belmont, have taken a more aggressive stance and banned cigarettes in individual apartment units, Kane said. According to Pine, county officials intend to treat the issue more aggressively as well.

The Board of Supervisors is currently considering a proposal for an ordinance banning smoking in apartments and condos in county communities, Pine said.

via Burlingame expands smoking restrictions in public areas; e-cigarettes not included | Peninsula | San Francisco | San Francisco Examiner.

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