August 31, 2014

Do E-Cigs Cause Mold In The Lungs?

As a CPAP user (a machine to use at night that keeps a light stream of air flowing via mouth and/or nose to prevent deep snoring), I know about this. As an informed consumer, I read the hysteria over neti pots. Why didn’t I post about this before? I figured most people are so obsessed w/their gear, they would be doing this already.


Tips for Cleaning:

When cleaning you should completely disassemble your e-cigarette device, and lay out all the pieces on a clean cloth or paper towel. Regular store bought rubbing alcohol is the most effective medium for cleaning your device. Slightly dampen a q-tip or a paper towel with a small amount of alcohol and apply to areas in need of cleaning. Make sure to wipe out the mouthpiece thoroughly as this is the most likely passage way of any mold or bacteria. Next, clean the threads connecting the mouthpiece, tank and atomizer.

If you are refilling your tank and not just replacing it, you’ll want to be careful to clean it thoroughly before inserting new e-liquid. You can use hot water to flush out the tank and rinse out the wick. Moisture can build up inside the tank, especially after multiple fills, not cleaning after every refill can increase the likelihood of a bacteria or mold problem arising. Make sure the wick and the tank are completely dry before you fill it with the e-liquid of your choice.

While you are cleaning you should also make sure to clean the connection points for your battery. If this part is not cleaned properly the device may not take a full charge and inhibit the functionality and the enjoy-ability of the e-cigarette experience.

If this all seems a little bit daunting, do not fear. A little bit of care is a small price to pay for the benefits that e-cigarettes offer. Most stores will walk through the cleaning process with you. Videos on how to clean your vape are also available online to help you master all the important steps.

Regular cleaning should keep the bacteria and mold at bay and keep your vape working smoothly. With proper maintenance and care, e-cigarettes will remain the safer alternative for the use of tobacco, eliminating than the smoke and tar you get with traditional cigarette smoke.

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