August 29, 2014

Second-hand e-cigarette smoke compared to regular cigarette smoke


“The metal particles likely come from the cartridge of the e-cigarette devices themselves – which opens up the possibility that better manufacturing standards for the devices could reduce the quantity of metals in the smoke,” said Arian Saffari, a PhD student at USC Viterbi and lead author of the paper. “Studies of this kind are necessary for implementing effective regulatory measures.

E-cigarettes are so new, there just isn’t much research available on them yet.”For this study, the researchers conducted all of the experiments in offices and rooms. While volunteer subjects were smoking regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes, the researchers collected particles in the indoor air and studied the chemical content and sources of the samples.

“Offices and rooms– not laboratories – are the environments where you’re likely to be exposed to second-hand e-cigarette smoke, so we did our testing there to better simulate real-life exposure conditions,” Saffari said.

via Second-hand e-cigarette smoke compared to regular cigarette smoke.

What isn’t apparent in this study is exactly which TYPE of vaping device was used to get the numbers they did. A cig-alike is notorious for the scariest stats.

A re-fillable mod will range in quality- the basic “whisker style” wicking inside a clearomizer, BCD- Bottom Coil Device/clearo without the whiskers, the wick is a small flavor wick in the replaceable heating coil/part.

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