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SFATA Urges Science-Based Dialogue at Senate Energy & Commerce CommitteeJune 11 Senate Committee Hearing on E-Cigarettes and Vapor Products June 11 2014

[excerpt] Given the rapid expansion of the personal electronic vaporizing (PEV) market, which includes closed tank electronic cigarettes as well as open tank vapor systems, SFATA recognizes the importance of responsible marketing practices for the continued health and growth of the vapor industry. We assist our members in developing good […]

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A new study indicates that anti-smoker and anti-vaper activists are doing a good job unfortunately

[excerpt] The only existing scientific debate and dispute is about the absolute harm-potential of e-cigarettes. Anyone who believes that the relative risk is comparable to tobacco cigarettes is simply ignorant or is deliberately lying. The finding that people especially smokers do not believe that e-cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco […]

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The World’s Top Scientists Just Issued a Surprising Statement on E-Cigarettes – PolicyMic

[excerpt] Fifty-three scientists have written to the UN’s World Health Organization Director General Margaret Chan cautioning her not to classify e-cigarettes as tobacco products, which would then lead to stricter regulatory controls on the nascent industry.The scientists say that e-cigarettes are “part of the solution” to worldwide tobacco addiction.”These products […]

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