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Examples of evidence hunting · Sense about Science

Prateek read claims that vapour from e-cigarettes made MRSA more aggressive. Prateek contacted the study author to Ask for Evidence and received a prompt reply that put media coverage of the research into context.20/05/2014 “I wanted to know more about some research suggesting that vapour from e-cigarettes makes antibiotic-resistant bacteria […]

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CASAA: Second Call to Action for FDA Proposed Regulations – Consumer Comment on Paperwork Reduction Act

There is an interim deadline for comments on the deeming regulation. Specifically, any comments on the Paperwork Reduction Act aspects of the proposed regulation are due on Tuesday, May 27, 2014. To a large extent, these are comments that merchants and manufacturers should be making rather than consumers, and we […]

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Tues. May 13 El Cajon City Council- Vape shop moratorium

[excerpt] 13.ORDINANCES: FIRST READING 13.1MORATORIUM ON APPROVAL OF ANY NEW HOOKAH AND ELECTRONIC/VAPOR SUBSTANCE INHALATION SHOPS AND LOUNGES Report: City Attorney RECOMMENDATION: That the City Council adopt an urgency ordinance to establish a moratorium on the approval of any new hookah and electronic/vapor substance inhalation shops and lounges also called […]

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World Vaping Day September 18, 2014

World Vaping Day 2014 – September 18th Your National Vaping Day will be on Thursday, September 18th There will be a week of events from Monday 15th through Sunday 21st The first two World Vaping Days have been resounding successes, with many groups in several countries partcipating. Make sure your […]

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