May 28, 2014

E-Cigarette (VAP) : Déclaration scientifique sur la Directive tabac européenne | SuperVapoteur

E-Cigarette (VAP) : Déclaration scientifique sur la Directive tabac européenne | SuperVapoteur.

Scientific statement on the European tobacco Directive

Jacques Le Houezec is a consultant in public health and smoking addiction. Charter member of the SRNT (Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco). Former as European member-delegate. President of the SRNT Europe. Director of, the database on treatment of tobacco dependence, developed by SRNT. Vice-Chairman of the National Committee against smoking and member of the French society of tobacco control.

Here we present an excerpt from the scientific statement on the Directive European tobacco published by Mr. Houezec on his blog that you can find here:

[please note that this public letter to the French Health Ministry is in French, and since I do not speak French and must use an online translator, I have refrained from posting the whole article]

In conclusion, electronic cigarettes have a good safety profile and could become an exit door rather than a gateway to smoking. Users should be able to identify the product and dosage that suits them, rather than what is the regulation which decides for them they have to use. Evidence-based, proportionate regulation must be implemented, and all stakeholders must be involved in this process

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