May 27, 2014

Study: E-Cigarette Vapor Toughens MRSA Superbug – US News

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Researchers stressed the e-cigarette aspect of their research – likely because the devices are exploding in popularity as former smokers switch to the seemingly safer nicotine-delivery system – but also note cigarette smoke caused a 10 times greater surface charge change in MRSA cells than e-cigarette vapor.

“While the answer isn’t black and white, our study suggests a response: even if e-cigarettes may not be as bad as tobacco, they still have measurable detrimental effects on health,” Alexander said.

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The abstract leaves many questions unanswered. The duration of time MRSA cells were exposure to e-cigarette vapor, and to tobacco smoke, is unclear. The precise composition of the e-liquid and the heat at which it was burned is also unclear.

“This appears to be a classic case of academics who have one hammer in their toolbox and use it to hit whatever happens by,” says Carl V. Phillips, scientific director of the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association, a grass-roots advocacy group of e-cigarette users.

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