May 25, 2014

Vapor Is Not Smoke: Don’t Ban E-Cigarettes in Public Places


Fortunately, it seems from William Galstan’s report on the proposed ordinance that he agrees with me. Perhaps he learned from his earlier encounter with my husband to do some homework. So there is probably not too great a risk that vaping will be banned in public parks and outdoor locations other than restaurant seating areas. I think restaurant owners should be able to decide for themselves whether to allow vaping on their patios, and savvy restaurateurs could attract business if they permit it, since vape meets have to take place somewhere.Too many municipalities want to lump e-cigarettes in with tobacco and ban their use everywhere. These bans are pointless and possibly harmful, because they force vapers into smoking areas and expose them to the cigarette smoke that they are now trying to avoid. Enforcing e-cigarette bans is a waste of police resources, and the police know it.

via Vapor Is Not Smoke: Don’t Ban E-Cigarettes in Public Places.

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