May 16, 2014

Time To Put Away Childish Things | The Vaping Militia


In two weeks we have the biggest test to prove that vapers will stand together and fight as one. The Vaping Militia auction to benefit CASAA will be the biggest event of its type in vaping history. Hundreds of vendors have given items to be auctioned. Vape network hosts are giving their time.

Now is the time for true unity among vapers. The beginners who are still dual users, hobbyists that are into crazy builds and the next new mod, cloud chasers that struggle to fill the room with vapor, all must stand together and put away their childish behavior.

We see a lot of division. We see a lot of criticism. We see intolerance. We see elitism.


We can not be seen to be separate. We must act as one.

via Time To Put Away Childish Things | The Vaping Militia.

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