April 22, 2014

California City Bans Smoking : San Rafael is still cray-cray

Celebrating the measure, Jane Warner CEO of the Lung Association said, “This legislation will improve the health of all Californians by reducing exposure to smoke that drifts into housing units from balconies, patios, and other units.”

Brian Augusta of the Western Center on Law and Poverty offered a different take, claiming that laws of this nature disproportionally affect low-income families who can’t afford stand alone housing. He said,”If smoking is an addiction, and it clearly is, are we telling people that they have to quit smoking – without support – or leave their homes?”

San Rafael is seen as a trial run for what could be a state-wide mandatory ban on lighting up in your own residence unless it is a standalone home. With nearly one-third of its residents living in multi-family housing, a law of this magnitude could impact millions of Californians.

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