April 6, 2014

Sunday pondering

After another week of struggling upstream against the rush of BS about vaping, especially in mainstream media and in the legislature, I am taking a breath.

How in the world are these conglomerates, media outlets, etc. getting away unscathed? But I have to step back and realize that I am thinking in too small of a time frame. While I do feel 2014 is Year Of the Vape, I forgot to include the dark side/backlash as well. silly me.

From local news channel KTVU broadcasting stories of “dangerous e-cigarettes” being in reach of kids by clueless parent to old white man in New York using outrageous mythical stories and stats to write a State Senate Bill to outlaw e-liquid with nic in it…because children may get to it and kill themselves. As with any adult only/supervised product, adults keep them safely away from kids, especially those in single digits. The CDC keeps stats on poison control center calls for children either ingesting or otherwise being exposed to household cleaners or other concentrates.

No reasonable person would willingly expose their children to chemicals that would make them ill, yet with the way many products ARE marketed, there is substance to the notion of “off label” marketing to children. We also know that adults never tire of novelty and we like bright colors, weird flavors and still like to have fun too. That’s one of the perks of being an adult. The discretion to do so.

Provided we don’t directly/purposely infringe on the rights or wellbeing of others [unless it is a corporation or a computer which will not be held liable because the current laws prevent it], adults can please themselves in privacy and publicly. While there have been so many instances of overreach as far as or government is concerned in the last 30 years, escalating with GW Bush, this insanity of legislating biblical references, undermining civil rights and unlimited dark $$$ in the hands of lobbyists and politicians has had a direct and dangerous effect on our Country and the knock-on ripples throughout the world.

Taking another breath.

Where was I. Oh yes. This “thing”, this persecution of nicotine has gone way off the rails. This has gone well beyond the thing itself into civil liberties, into legislating stupidity, into people acting like sheeple who should know better.

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