March 27, 2014

Up to now

Here is, nearly the end of March 2014. Up to now, I have been working diligently, cultivating my vaping resources, increasing my knowledge, building relationships and generally observing the driving forces in the culture, market and legislation. There have been some victories amongst the setbacks and a whole lot of coming together among the community at large. The US e-liquid makers have stepped up to support their customers in a big way.

Device manufacturing is still done primarily in China, but the custom mod business in the US is steadily growing. Also growing is the US accessories market. One Chinese device maker, Kanger, has leap-frogged ahead of the competition by setting up a big warehouse in Atlanta so their US vendors can get the goods quickly and with less shipping cost and time. Now that the design flaw of the ProTanks has been addressed with the new airflow base, their products will satisfy the casual committed vapers.

CASAA has topped the 10K+ membership mark earlier this year. Our clout is  showing. New “kids” on the block, Vaping Militia, has blown up so fast and have been incredibly effective in getting bodies to the courthouses that it has given hope even to the most jaded.

CA has suffered from a lack of cohesion and municipalities are getting picked off right and left. In spite of the momentum in SoCal, bans, restrictions and moratoriums are being enacted while we speak.

Myself, I have continued to cultivate my site here, my twitterfeed @LakeOfVape, my FB presence and now my online newspaper[]and my vapecast. I have learned a great deal while working on behalf of Innokin Technology outside sales and look forward to doing the same for other companies with superior products, hopefully made here in the US. And lastly, I made my first advert buy: the bench by the clubhouse at the Adam Springs Golf Course.

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