Monthly Archives: March 2014

Managing the lithium (ion) battery fire risk

While wandering the thru the interwebz highway today after seeing another mobile phone battery fire story,  I found this site that addresses Li-on batteries and how to deal with them safely. The gist: Keep them cool– avoid keeping them in pockets close to your body, especially in warm weather. Keep […]

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Safety Reminder: Rechargable battery use and care

Cell phones[OR VAPING DEVICES]  can build heat, especially in the warmer months. This can overheat the battery and lead to instances of the device catching fire. If the phone is packed next to other metal items like keys, this could lead to potential smoke and fire. Additionally, be sure to […]

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Up to now

Here is, nearly the end of March 2014. Up to now, I have been working diligently, cultivating my vaping resources, increasing my knowledge, building relationships and generally observing the driving forces in the culture, market and legislation. There have been some victories amongst the setbacks and a whole lot of […]

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Clinical Trial: E-Cigarettes Are Satisfying Cigarette Substitutes

A clinical trial demonstrates that e-cigarettes deliver nicotine, reduce craving and satisfy vapers. The research, published in Scientific Reports here, is the work of Konstantinos Farsalinos and colleagues at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Kallithea Greece.Twenty-three experienced vapers all former smokers were recruited to compare a small e-cigarette V2, […]

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MN: Smoke and die.

Just finished watching the live feed on from the MN House of Rep on their current bill to restrict ecig use to only where regular cigarettes are used. The usual trope of “we don’t know what’s in them” “protect minors from buying them” “marketing to children” and “note FDA […]

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