Monthly Archives: February 2014

FDA-CTP – Not Substantially Equivalent Notices

When does FDA Issue a “Not Substantially Equivalent” Order?FDA issues a “Not Substantially Equivalent” NSE order when an applicant’s SE Report does not contain sufficient information to demonstrate that a new tobacco product is substantially equivalent to a predicate tobacco product. When an NSE order is issued, a tobacco product […]

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Smoke, the Chief Killer — Strategies for Targeting Combustible Tobacco Use — NEJM

How should clinicians respond to this changing landscape? Though only limited research is currently available to inform clinical decision making, we offer the following recommendations for clinical practice. First, clinicians can tell patients that use of any tobacco product can be harmful but that combustible tobacco use is by far […]

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Flavor Pairing – What Goes Good Together?

Flavor Pairing – What Goes Good Together?. Once you begin your journey with vaping and get comfortable with the hardware, next comes the e-liquid. There are SO many choices to make! Like wines, consider pairings. Since you have improved your sense of taste again, give it a workout. E-liquids come […]

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