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NEJM: insight into the narrowness of public health views about THR | Anti-THR Lies and related topics

Vaping does, of course, normalize tobacco use while further helping to denormalize smoking. The anti-tobacco extremists object to this because a it tends to denormalize smoking without demonizing tobacco users, which is what they really are seeking to do, cloaking it in the nicer-sounding word, and b they do not […]

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A Message From AEMSA: The future of refillable e-liquid products – will the industry be proactive or just wait and see? | Ecig Advanced News

AEMSA did something unique. We formed and immediately began to research good manufacturing practices relating to consumable products. We also immediately sought out Subject Matter Experts SMEs and a professional accredited nicotine lab. This allowed us to learn more about the chemistry of the ingredients, what makes a high quality […]

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The Electronic Cigarette Industry Group, Inc.

American E-Liquid Manufacturing Association: American National Standards Institute: Cooperation Centre for Scientific Research Relative to Tobacco: International Standardization Organization: Underwriters Laboratories: via The Electronic Cigarette Industry Group, Inc..

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