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Testing the amount of harm reduction in a lab 2012

Table 4. Concentrations (μg/m³) of selected compounds during the 8-m³ emission test chamber measurement of e-cigarette A and conventional cigarette using Tenax TA and DNPHCompounds CAS Participant blank E-cigarette Conventional cigarette Liquid 1 Liquid 2 Liquid 3 aQuantified on the basis of toluene response. bDNPH method. via Does e-cigarette consumption […]

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Choices of Primary Batteries

Choices of Primary Batteries – Battery University. Choosing batteries, comparing them and understanding their properties is a confusing process. This site makes it much easier to understand the difference, to identify what kind you need or already have. Myself, I did it the messy way by picking up info here […]

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Addiction Science & Clinical Practice | Full text | Perceived efficacy of e-cigarettes versus nicotine replacement therapy among successful e-cigarette users: a qualitative approach

ConclusionThese findings suggest tobacco control practitioners must pay increased attention to the importance of the behavioral and social components of smoking addiction. By addressing these components in addition to nicotine dependence, e-cigarettes appear to help some tobacco smokers transition to a less harmful replacement tool, thereby maintaining cigarette abstinence. via […]

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